Reliable Green Roofing Systems for Utilised Roof Landscapes

In their sum of their positive ecological and economical characteristics, green roofs make a relevant contribution toward achieving future-oriented sustainable architecture. ZinCo provides tried and tested solutions worldwide for all types of green roofing. Our programme extends from extensive green roofing as an ecological protective covering or in conjunction with a photovoltaic system to roof gardens and green roofing of underground car park roofs with pathways or driveways. System-integrated, fall-prevention systems that are installed without the need for roof penetration are also an integral part of our system solutions for greened roofs.

Green Roof Research

Green roof research

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Benefits of Green Roofs

ZinCo Green Roofs

Learn more about the numerous benefits of Green Roofs:

Ecological benefits
Economical benefits

Project Report "Green Place Office Building, Milano"

Green roof in Milano

Green courtyard situated on the underground garage Read more


Latest Press Releases

Roof garden with skerry-style features

A skerry is a small, flat and often rugged rock island typically found along the Baltic coast. And, the 8,000 m² roof garden of the Tivoli Hotels & Congress Center in Copenhagen actually does resemble these rocky reefs. This is due to the fact that the many plant beds with their irregular contours are located like islands in the middle of the extensive pathways. A unique lighting concept means that the elaborate roof garden is an attraction for hotel and congress guests and tourists to Copenhagen even at night-time. Thanks to ZinCo green roof technology yet another part of this pedestrian pathway has been completed. The pathway can now be used without interruption along a stretch of 440 m and will be extended at its lofty height in the future.

Prestigious property in Duesseldorf (Germany): The green side of Koe-Bogen

Koe-Bogen, the luxury shopping and office mile in the heart of Duesseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, is shaping the cityscape. It is not only the innovative design of this six-storey complex created by Daniel Libeskind that is extraordinary but also the fact that it has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification for sustainable building. The green design plan includes about 4000 m² of extensive green roof at a height of 26 m, about 1500 m² of roof garden for each of the green courtyards on the third and fourth storeys and 1200 m² of paving for the forecourt at ground level, above the underground garage.