Reliable Green Roofing Systems for Utilised Roof Landscapes

In their sum of their positive ecological and economical characteristics, green roofs make a relevant contribution toward achieving future-oriented sustainable architecture. ZinCo provides tried and tested solutions worldwide for all types of green roofing. Our programme extends from extensive green roofing as an ecological protective covering or in conjunction with a photovoltaic system to roof gardens and green roofing of underground car park roofs with pathways or driveways. System-integrated, fall-prevention systems that are installed without the need for roof penetration are also an integral part of our system solutions for greened roofs.

Benefits of Green Roofs

ZinCo Green Roofs

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Ecological benefits
Economical benefits

Green Roof Research

Green roof research

ZinCo collaborate regularly on various research projects with third-level institutions and other partners. Read more

Innovation Award

Innovation award

ZinCo has been awarded third place in the innovation competition "Bio-based Material of the Year 2014" for "natureline".
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Latest Press Releases

ZinCo awarded GaLaBau Innovation Medal 2014

At this year’s GaLaBau Trade Fair, ZinCo once again opened up new vistas for the green sector, winning kudos in a number of ways with its innovations. The new ZinCo system ”natureline“, the very first green roof system worldwide made from renewable resources, was awarded the GaLaBau Innovation Medal for 2014. This environmental option for the future of green roofing is notable for its proven sustainability and reliability.

View from a roof garden – The “Comturey-Keller” restaurant on Mainau Island

Travelling by boat across Lake Constance to Mainau Island you will be treated to views of floral splendour, a Baroque castle and – since March 2014 – the re-designed harbour area on the lakeside around Comturey Tower. The new single-storey Comturey building has an almost 80 m long glazed façade overlooking the lake while its three other sides disappear into the surrounding landscape and its roof is accessible as part of the landscaped gardens. Thanks to the ZinCo system build-up “Roof Garden”, the Mainau landscape architects had considerable freedom when designing and planning the almost 1500 m² roof. They have created a new paradise for visitors to this unique location.