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Our aim is to provide information and reports on green roofing. We are, therefore, offering the trade press a number of reports, a small selection of which can be accessed here.

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The latest press releases

  • For regions with long, dry periods: An Irrigated Extensive Green Roof is efficient 27 March 2017

    “An extensive green roof only needs to be irrigated during the growing-in phase.” This statement doesn’t apply to all areas, of course. It’s plausible, that in dry climates around the Mediterranean an extensive green roof also requires additional irrigation. Even in Germany there are certain areas that suffer long, dry periods. There is an increasing number of such regions due to climate change. For areas that have a dry climate, the new “Irrigated Extensive Green Roof” system offers a very efficient and inexpensive solution.
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  • Biotope with immense biodiversity: Biodiversity on a roof 06 March 2017

    The conservation of biodiversity (biological diversity) in nature, is considered to be an important basis for human well-being. Green roofs too are capable of contributing to this; it is mainly low-maintenance roofs, that is to say, quite undisturbed green roofs, that are important refuges for various animal and plant species. Beetles, wild bees and butterflies find food and shelter there. However, the development of biodiversity depends to a great extent on how the habitats that are provided for the flora and fauna on a roof are structured.
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  • A building block against the heating up of our cities: Urban Climate Roof for maximum evaporation 20 February 2017

    ZinCo, the innovative green roof manufacturer has developed the “Urban Climate Roof”, a new system build-up and pioneering solution to counteract the heating up of densely populated towns and cities. The “Urban Climate Roof” boasts an extremely high evaporation capacity due to its design with irrigation and special plants and, therefore, provides for the active cooling of the ambient temperature. This allows for existing roof areas to be used directly as additional green areas and to have a positive impact on the urban climate.
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  • Gleneagles Drive Residence in West Vancouver, Canada: Exclusive verdant area with a sea view 10 January 2017

    The private dwelling house, Gleneagles Drive Residence with its spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean is in one of the most sought after neighbourhoods of West Vancouver. The flat-roof building on a hillside location, comprising a number of individual components, has an extensive green roof area totalling approx. 180 m² and presents itself as being just as cultivated and elegant as the sophisticated neighbourhood in which it is situated. ZinCo Canada Inc. supplied the suitable system build-up “Sedum Carpet” – simple and flowering.
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