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Success at the BAU: New Green Roof Systems very well received

Green roof in the city The new green roof system build-ups help to store stormwater and lower the ambient temperature, especially in urban areas.

Severe rain events, floods, urban overheating – the consequences of climate change and rapid land sealing are evident to us all. The innovative green roof manufacturer, ZinCo, demonstrated a series of new solutions at the BAU that triggered great interest among architects and planners.

The "Stormwater Management Roof" stores stormwater on the roof with the aim of letting it run off into the sewer system slowly and during a pre-defined period so that peak precipitation flows are effectively balanced out. The newly developed Floradrain® FD 60 neo, a so-called spacer, enables the storage of almost 60 l of stormwater / square meter – in addition to the water that is actually already stored in the green roof build-up above the spacer. Read more about the system build-up

The "Urban Climate Roof" is designed for maximum evaporation capacity which actively contributes to urban climate control, especially during dry, hot periods. This high evaporation capacity is achieved by using a specially developed plant community in conjunction with needs-based irrigation, for which grey water can also be used. The new Aquafleece AF 300 is used here in combination, for example, with Floraset® FS 50. Read more about the system build-up

The "Irrigated Extensive Green Roof" was also very well received because there are now many more regions in Germany that face long, dry periods as a result of climate change. The very efficient irrigation method with the new Aquafleece AF 300 used for example with Floraset® FS 50 is more than convincing – as it is for all Mediterranean climates. Read more about the system build-up

The "Biodiversity Green Roof" was yet another highlight in addition to the other new systems that are a sign of a changing climate. This green roof is characterised by its biotope nature and immense biodiversity. Read more about the Biodiversity Green Roof

In addition to these new systems, the visitors to the show were introduced to the entire range of tried and tested system solutions relating to green roofs and, on request, were also given specific planning support for their individual projects.

Bridging Trades – Safe Section Changeover: Roofing Technology – Vegetation Technology

Bridging Trades - Safe Section ChangeoverEven the best laid Green Roof plans can go wrong if the underlying roof is not prepared to meet demands. Therefore, the International Green Roof Association (IGRA) has developed a new guideline, "Bridging Trades – Safe Section Changeover: Roofing Technology – Vegetation Technology". The content of the IGRA Guidelines is made up of two main modules:

  • A checklist that provides a clear and concise overview of current examination criteria for the roof and vegetation technology interface.
  • A commentary volume that provides further explanations and graphic material of all technical terms and questions in the checklist.

The guideline is not only designed for Green Roof installers and roofers. It is also designed for architects, planners and developers who can take advantage of the practical and legal references.

Download online version