ZinCo Green Roof Projects

Project Data
ca. 19,500 m² (209,896 sqft)
Year of construction:
TAEP, The Associated Engineering
Partnership, Kuwait
Landscape architects:
STROOP landscape urbanism, Lisbon

Project Report: Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait

Upper picture: Various events take place inside the mound shaped visitor’s centre.

Al Shaheed Park provides a cross-over from the old city of Kuwait to the modern business centre of Kuwait City.  

Stabilodrain® elements provide a stable base for green areas, paths and seating.  

Stabilodrain® elements are applied on the approximately 15,000 m² of ceiling surface of the underground parking.  

Project Data
Area intensive green roof:
Approx. 600 m² (6,458 sqft)
Area extensive green roof:
Approx. 200 m² (2,152 sqft)
Year of construction:
Erik Møller Arkitekter, Copenhagen
Landscape Architect:
Schønherr Landskab, Copenhagen
Malmos A/S, Roskilde

Project Report: New University Building, Copenhagen/Denmark

Upper picture: The intensive green roof serves as an additional recreational area.

The wood paneling around the skylights serves at the same time as seating on the roof.  

In addition to a lawn also shrubs and small trees were planted on the roof.  

The staircase which leads to the lecture halls after the completion of the green roof.  

Project Data
Approx. 80,000 m² (861,112 sqft)
Year of construction:
EAA-İstanbul, Levent (Istanbul) and
Landscape Architect:
DS MİmarlIk Dr. Deniz Aslan, Istanbul
Karaoğlu Peyzay MİmarlIk Müh. Tİc. Ltd. Ştİ., Istanbul

Project Report: Zorlu Center, Istanbul/Turkey

Upper picture: The Zorlu Center is a modern masterpiece and Istanbul's most exclusive project.

The intensive green areas with their shrubs and trees as well as the paved zones of the courtyard were all realized based on the Floradrain® FD 40-E drainage element, whereas the extensive green roof of the theatre is based on Floradrain® FD 25-E.  

More than 200 different plant species, including 68 species of trees were planted on top and around the Zorlu Center.  

The main square is connected directly to the underground parking decks and the public transport via escalators.  

Project Data
Approx. 7,000 m² (75,347.372 sqft)
Year of construction:
Tabanlioglu Architects, Istanbul
Landscape Architect:
DS Mimarlik, Istanbul
Yapi-Yorum, Istanbul

Project Report: Marmara Forum, Istanbul/Turkey

Upper picture: The project aims with its huge green roof area, to provide natural surroundings for the shopping mall visitors and the office occupants.

A mixed use with pedestrian ways, outdoor seating, playgrounds and ponds.  

View from one of the roofs to the playground.  

Courtyards of the offices built with the green roof concept.  

Project Data
Approx. 30,000 m² (322917.312 sqft)
Year of construction:
Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints
Architects Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership

Project Report: Conference Center, Salt Lake City/USA

Upper picture: The aim to use as many plant species typical for Utah has been achieved on the roof.

An army of volunteers helped with planting.  

The roof has been divided in different areas, consisting of the typical vegetation of Utah, but also of creative elements, like stone walls, a small forest of fir trees, pines and willows, ...  

... walkways and trick fountains.  

Project Data
Total Area:
length approx. 2,400 m
width 9–18 m
section1: 2009
section 2: 2011
section 3: September 2014
Diller Scofidio + Renfro
Landscape architect:
James Corner, Field Operations
Kelco Landscaping

Project Report: High Line Park, New York City/USA

Upper picture: More than 20 million people have visited the High Line Park so far.

The section 2 with another 800 m of length contains also a lawn which can be used for sunbathing.  

More than 200 different plant species were used.  

The average substrate depth is 450 mm.  

Project Data
Approx. 4,500 m² (48,43 sqft)
Year of construction:
The Jerde Partnership
Landscape architect:
Derek Lovejoy Partners
DS Mimarlik
Tepe Construction

Project Report: Kanyon Center, Levent, Istanbul/Turkey

Upper picture: As the first “Open Air Mall” in Europe the Kanyon Levent offers a pleasant atmosphere around the four floors, which are explored on a pedestrian passage winding its way through like a “Canyon”.

A colorful blooming landscaped roof in the heart of a million-metropole.  

The office tower with 26 floors offers a breathtaking view of the green roofs of Kanyon Levent.  

Project Data
> 10,000 m² (107,641 sqft)
Year of construction:
Z. Badowski, M. Budzynski
and A. Kowalewski, Warsaw
Landscape architect:
Irena Bajerska
Roof Corporation, Austria
General Contractor:
Porr International, Austria

Project Report: University Library, Warsaw/Poland

Upper picture: The impressive roof garden on the University Library of Warsaw.

Over stairs on both sides of the pitched green roof you get on the main roof garden.  

Large skylights provide natural light inside the library.  

The different levels of the roof area are connected by steps and bridges.  

Project Data
Approx. 7,000 m² (75,348 sqft)
Year of construction:
Polshek and Partners Architects, New York
Landscape architect:
Dan Kiley

Project Report: Mashantucket Pequot Museum, Connecticut/United States

Upper picture: The facility was designed to interact with its surrounding environment and maintain the ecological integrity of the area by embracing the tree line and existing topography.

Glass skylights are the only hint to the extensive exhibition facilities below.  

Planting beds with flowering cherry trees and evergreen ground covers.  

The museum after the construction phase.  

Project Data
10,000 m² (107,639 sqft)
Year of construction:
BDP London
Landscape Architects:
Wirtz International and Barry Chin
General contractor:
Canary Wharf Contracts
Green area: Willerby Landscapes Ltd.
Waterproofing: Performance & Deck Roofing
Technical advice:
Alumasc Exterior Building Products Ltd

Project Report: Jubilee Park Canary Wharf, London/United Kingdom

Upper picture: This large park was built within the London docklands above an underground station, a shopping mall and a public car park.

Large entrance leading to the Canary Wharf tube station.  

View over the sprawling lawn.  

Serpentine stone basins with fountains are the dominant feature of this landscaped park.  

Project Data
Intensive: 5,400 m² (60,000 sqft)
Extensive: 2,600 m² (30,000 sqft)
Year of construction:
Kaufland Stiftung, Neckarsulm
Häring und Zoller,
Architekten BDA, Stuttgart
Waterproofing: Fritz GmbH, Flachdachbau, Murr
Green roof: Gärtner Gröning, Göppingen

Project Report: MAG-Galleries, Geislingen/Germany

Upper picture: The roof garden provides the people of Geislingen with a new public recreational area, with easy access via lifts, stairs, footbridges and ramps.

The project viewed from the nearby Helfenstein Castle.  

Playing facilities and park benches encourage visitors.  

The 650 m² (7,000 sqft) basketball court completes the package.