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  • Green roof in the city at night and lots of people meandering along.
  • Pitched green roof
  • Park-like green roof with people strolling around
  • Extensive green roof
  • Buildings with extensive green roofs
  • Buildings with extensive green roofs surrounded by forests
  • Building with natural stone façade, vertical greening and wavelike green roofs
  • Gebäude mit begrünten geschwungenen Dachflächen und Fassadenbegrünung
  • Extensive green roofs with glass roof areas
  • Extensive green roofs with glass roof areas
  • Pitched green roof
  • Building with facade greening
  • Wavelike green roof areas
  • Flowering plant on a grass roof
About 7,000 m² of green roof contribute to the incorporation of the UWC building complex. Similar to the adjacent hilly landscape, the roofs are undulating like waves. The ZinCo system build-up with Floradrain® FD 40-E provides for the wild greenery on the roofs.
  • Hand with a ladybird in front of a roof garden
  • Roof garden surrounded by skyscrapers
  • “Stormwater Management Roof” system build-up
  • “Urban Climate Roof” system build-up with dripperlines
  • Green roof with dead wood
The innovative ZinCo systems “Stormwater Management Roof”, “Urban Climate Roof”, “Irrigated Extensive Green Roof” and “Biodiversity Green Roof” all have revolutionary potential, which is the power to introduce sustainable structural change in the area of green roofing.
  • Roof garden with lawn and plant beds in the city
  • Bird's eye view of the roof garden
  • Tomatoes and lettuce growing on an urban roof
  • Pierre Georgel and Eric Briffard on the roof
  • Vegetables with protective nets on a roof
  • Small apple and pear trees in large troughs
  • Bee hives and planting beds on a roof
  • Chef disposes of compostable waste on the roof garden
  • Cookery school students on the roof
The roof garden supplies the kitchen with tasty ingredients and at the same time is part of the educational programme at “Le Cordon Bleu”. In addition, the roof is home to four bee hives and an insect hotel. A wonderful example of urban farming, because rooftops with the right ZinCo green roof are ideal for use as a cultivation area.
  • Pitched green roof in full bloom
  • Curving green roof of a motorway service station
  • Waterproof sheets are installed
  • The shear barriers are being sealed
  • Shear barriers on a steep slope and an aluminium eaves profile as edging
  • Protection mat and shear removal drainage element are installed
  • Substrate is blown up onto the roof
  • Green roof with vegetation mats
  • The vegetation mats are trimmed to fit the edging area
  • A curving green roof in the shape of a wave
Commissioned by Aral AG, the architect Manfred Beier courageously designed a curving green roof in the shape of a wave for a motorway service station. ZinCo supplied the appropriate technology with the system build-up “Pitched Green Roof”.
The roof garden at DUERR DENTAL AG in Bietigheim-Bissingen is adjacent to the company restaurant, offering great potential for a relaxing lunch break.



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